Early Detection ( Smoke Detector)

KEEP YOUR HOME SAFE! Install a smoke detector in every bedroom of your home and Carbon Detector in the hall that leads to bedrooms, and make sure there is at least one on each floor of your home, even in your basement. You should usually avoid putting a smoke detector in an unheated attic and garage.Interconnect all of your smoke detectors, a feature on most newer hard-wired smoke detectors and wireless  smoke detectors. Interconnected smoke detectors will all sound an alarm when any one of them detects smoke or a fire.Choose a hard-wired smoke detector that has a battery backup, so that it will work even if the power goes out. Hard-wired smoke detectors are reported to be more reliable in fires than those that are powered by batteries alone.Get a smoke detector that has strobe lights that flash and/or vibrates if there is someone with hearing

Smoke Alarms – Stamford Fire Department

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