Wet Locations?  (GFCI)

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter  (GFCI) Shall be Install In any wet or damp location. This includes bathrooms, kitchen,basement or outdoors any where the N.E.C. ALLOWES.

What is a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) anyway?

A “ground-fault” is an unintentional flow of electricity between a source of electrical current and a grounded surface. Without protection, electrical shock can occur if a person comes into contact with an energized part. For example, if a person is holding a damaged electrical cord from a hair dryer and touches a plumbing fixture, they could be electrocuted. They would certainly get a painful shock.

A GFCI receptacle constantly monitors an electrical circuit. If it detects even a slight flow of electricity to a grounded item, it immediately shuts off the flow of electricity. This protects people from electrocution. It is particularly important to protect people where they could come in contact with exposed grounded items such as plumbing fixtures.

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